Oaks Christian Academy - Academics

In a Principle Approach environment, students learn through a method of scholarship that teaches them to think and reason from biblical principles. Students learn to develop the skill and habit of reflective thinking and deductive reasoning derived from Scripture. This technique develops a skill, a habit, a way of thinking, and, ultimately, shapes the worldview of the student. This process lays the truth of God’s Word at the center of learning, which helps teach students how to think—not what to think—while it illuminates the understanding and consecrates the mind.

Each classroom brings the fundamentals of the Principle Approach into every aspect of learning. In Kindergarten, the Principles are introduced as the basis of all decisions and actions. Over the course of a student's learning experience, these Principles will be clearly demonstrated in critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership capacities.

The Watchmen

The early grades (K-2) are where the seeds are planted. Nurturing the new seedling as they germinate, students demonstrate character development as they master basic literacy skills, vocabulary of the subjects and the rudiments of the notebook technique.

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The Heralds

The 3rd and 4th grade students continue their journey of research, reason, reflection, and record as they focus on the Principle of Christian Character and planting the seed of local Self-Government.

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The Scribes

The 5th and 6th grades are a time of solid equipping. The students are grounded in the US Constitution as the Principle of American Political Union is studied, discussed, and tested.

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