Kacy Chamblee


Summary of teaching experience

Though I was not a teacher by trade, I began teaching when my oldest daughter started school over 20 years ago. Since 2003, I have taught at The Heiskell School, Redeemer Day School, and am currently homeschooling my own children.

Level of education and specific focus

I hold a degree in Risk Management from Georgia State University and had a career in commercial sales and underwriting for several years before I left the industry to raise my children. After my oldest was born, I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with her. When she started preschool at The Heiskell School, I began my teaching career at the same school. There I benefited from working with incredibly talented teachers who taught me most of what I know about teaching today. In addition, I am trained in Barton (an Orton Gillingham reading program), Handwriting Without Tears, Touch Math, and Lips in order to help assist my own children and students with learning differences.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Though I did not begin my professional career as a teacher, I have always had a heart for the next generation. As David writes in Psalm 145, "one generation should commend the works of God to another." I teach so that I may tell the next generation all of the great things our Lord has done.

What do you appreciate the most about the Principle Approach?

In the Principle Approach, scripture is the starting point of everything we teach. Because I feel called to teach the next generation of the "great things He has done", I enjoy teaching in a way that Biblical principles permeate all of the lessons and activities.

How do you teach a biblical worldview to your classroom?

Every subject is created and designed by God and therefore we can always direct the children to see God’s hand in all we teach. Whether we refer back to a Bible verse we memorized or a biblical truth/catechism, there is always an opportunity to remind the children of God’s creation and His Truth.

What do you want students to appreciate about your class?

One of the principles we learn in the Principle Approach is the principle of individuality. God has created us all differently and in His image and, in His great wisdom, we do not all learn in the same way. I am hopeful that my students will develop a love for learning and the skills to research and reason for themselves using God’s Word so that they may be life-long learners growing in Godly-wisdom.

What is unique about you, your talents that you bring to the classroom?

I want children to enjoy learning and young children learn best while playing. Whether we are playing a fun math game or I am reading a story, I always hope to send the message to the children that learning is enjoyable and glorifies God! I enjoy learning and hope that I pass along that love of learning to my students.